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We’ve launched!

Heath Care Group launches therapy led solo support services

We are a group of experienced social care, children’s services and housing professionals. Our mission is to become the UK’s biggest provider of solo therapeutic children’s care and housing in the UK.

Heath Care Group has already secured initial funding of £5m to begin the roll out of 36 new-build three-bedroom houses for vulnerable young people who will receive therapy and care from support staff and managers.

New developments and new jobs

12 developments in the North West are already completed and currently awaiting inspection by OFSTED with a further 12 in the region earmarked for purchase.

We are also targeting 12 more off-plan properties in the Midlands.

All 36 houses are expected to be filled and fully operational by the end of 2020. More than 170 jobs will be created during this period.

Heath Care Group Housing

We aim to roll out 36 new solo support developments for young people before the end of 2020.

Young people

The service is aimed at young people aged 8-17 who have been affected by traumatic physical, psychological, emotional or behavioural related challenges.

Each young person is allocated a house with up to two experienced support staff who provide support and stability in a safe environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Children are referred into a property by commissioners at local authorities where other options such as care homes or foster care is deemed inappropriate.

Experienced team

Our chief executive is Mark Dyson, an experienced health and social care professional who has operated in the sector for more than 25 years. A developer, funding adviser and influencer in specialist social care services he was more recently the head of new-build development for national care provider Lifeways.

Non-executive directors include Jonathan Wrigley of specialist supported living developers HBV, Hugo James who has held senior investment banking and finance posts including at Credit Suisse and Legal & General, and clinical psychologist Dr Jane Toner. The board is chaired by ex-Lifeways CEO Paul Marriner.

The venture has also agreed a partnership with Meadows Care, a therapeutic multi-bed care home provider based in Greater Manchester and Birmingham. This will enable resources and skillsets to be shared.

Working with local authorities

Mark Dyson, chief executive of Heath Care Group, said:

This is all about giving vulnerable young people a launchpad to progress in their lives. Only by developing a nurturing and supportive environment will positive outcomes be achieved for some young people.  Commissioners recognise those young people who need more immediate stabilisation and removal from their existing situation in order to get a better and more appropriate outcome.

Our plan sees us becoming the UK’s biggest provider of this niche style of housing and support. We are delighted with the feedback and support we have received so far from local authorities which has given us and our investors the confidence there is strong demand for this style of provision.

Paul Marriner, chair of Heath Care Group, added:

By blending clinically led therapy, a safe place to live and individual care we are pioneering something new which we know will be well received. We are excited about the team we have created at Heath Care Group and the delivery partners we have selected.

Most of all we are looking forward to working with local authorities to deliver evidence-based positive outcomes for those young people in our society who need it most.

If you are commissioning services and support for young people in your local authority – we would love to explain more about how we can help and discuss your requirements. Email referrals@heathcaregroup.co.uk

Heath Care Group Altrincham

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