Heath Solo recognises the reality that all local authorities will require solo placements for a very small minority of their looked after young people in care.

This may be due to a high risk of harm to others either in the community or 
in a foster/care home or due to high levels of risk to the young person through 
self-injurious behaviour or vulnerability.

We also recognise that solo homes may also be required for emergency or same day placements that can’t be accommodated elsewhere, as a step down home from crisis/wilderness placements, step down from Tier 4 placements or emergency placement breakdown. Due to demand, we are also aware that there has been a rise in young people being wrongly accommodated in unregulated provision-this would be another referral route into Heath solo.

Referral routes into Heath Solo

Single occupancy/solo provision provides an opportunity to ensure 
care and clinical-containment to some of the most vulnerable young people. 
Solo provision continues to be used as an alternative to secure provision; particularly given the decrease in capacity and antipathy of seeking a 
Secure placement.

Solo provision allows the opportunity for specialist care to reduce risk behaviours and increase capacity to effectively build and sustain relationships; allowing young people to move-on to multi-bedded or 
family environments.

Interventions include:

  • Medium term placements
  • Immediate stabilisation of young person
  • Re-regulate emotionally and cognitively
  • Begin to build relationships and initial attachments
  • Teach and model self regulation and self soothing skills
  • Increase self awareness and skill development
  • Transition into group living settings.

Our specialist homes

Solo bedded homes

Heath Solo is a specialist provider of Ofsted Registered therapeutic intensive solo support services for young people between the ages of 8-18.